Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seriously. . .

Seriously, this is dumbest thing.  Immediately after reading this blog be sure to try this out to see for yourself!

So Google offers a free service called "Analytics."  It is a tracking and reporting tool for web sites.  I recently added it to Just Jon because my original "Hit Counter" stopped working.  

I was reviewing the report which has more information than I even understand and I came across a section that lists the "Key Word" search engines that have lead people to Just Jon.  

Now out of everything you have read Loyal Readers, I am sure you would not be surprised if "30x" or "Muni" would bring you to Just Jon.  No, neither of those made the cut.  So what is the one word that has been used more than once as a search engine?  


Manacatti?  Seriously?  Manacatti!  

And the worst part is the Just Jon blog entry that it links to isn't even one of the better stories I have shared.

So right now Loyal Readers try it out for yourself.  Go to and type in "Manacatti" and hit "Google Search."  The first link that comes up is Just Jon!

I don't think I have ever even eaten manacatti.  

If you are not aware, the titles to each blog entry are song lyrics.  The only reason "Manacatti" was in the blog is because I used it as the song lyric title of that entry.  Too funny if you ask me!

And one last thing Loyal Readers, the best part of this whole story, I misspelled manacatti in that blog!  So all the people who are reading Just Jon looking for "Manicotti" recipes, well they are poor spellers just like me!

So rather than go back and correct the misspelling in that blog entry, I have decided to leave it. Poor Spellers Of The World Unite!  


  1. I don't remember 'Little Grandma' ever making manacatti. And, if she didn't make it then I may have not eaten either.


  2. that is really funny! i mean, manacatti?!