Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stop The Press . . .

I interrupt this blog to bring you this special report!

You may remember back in August I posted an entry about a photo of me that was being used in an online marketing campaign for my Company.

Yesterday, I was told that the photo, along with 47 others, appear in a print advertisement in the Fall 2009 issue of Good magazine. This issue is on newsstands now!

I had never heard of Good magazine until yesterday, but I can confirm that it does exist.

When I joked that I had finally become a Gap model I didn't realize that I really was a Gap model.

*And yes Dad, it is a $6.00 magazine!

The Song Of The Day - Batdance by Prince


  1. i'm not surprised - that is a great picture of you! where can i find this magazine?

  2. When the lady at Borders said $6 I told her I didn't want a subscription I just wanted this one issue!!!! I'm not blowing smoke, I think you have the best picture. You'll need to tell us who the others are.


  3. I will get a copy and wait to have you autograph it!! Congrats! I had printed out the picture from the online version but now I can have a glossy!!!

  4. OH MY GOSH!!! we have someone in the family that is now famous-funny how both brothers make somehow in a popular news thing-a-magig(my dad being in the news and uncle jon being in a magazine!)


  5. Congrats! As your agent we will now work on getting you into this holidays video. : )

    I just can't get enough.