Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vacation . . .

About a month ago I was reviewing my paycheck stub when I noticed my vacation balance. I had reached the cap once again and was no longer going to earn vacation hours until I brought that balance down.

Here's the thing; I have taken time off already this year, but my balance is still extremely high from my time working in stores. That being said, I looked at my work schedule and it seemed like I might be able to take some time off.

Normally, this situation would result in a "staycation." A week of waking up by 10am to catch The View followed by several more hours of television, a shower by 1pm, a trip to a mall by 3pm, followed by some food, and more TV. Then I would repeat the process the next day.

This time I wanted to do something. That something ended up being a spur of the moment trip to Maui which was an Island I had never been to before. I was a little apprehensive because I was going to be taking this trip by myself and I wasn't sure if I would enjoy 7 days and 6 nights alone. With the encouragement of my co-workers I booked the trip.

My intention was to blog about the experience daily so that the Loyal Readers could enjoy the trip too. Unfortunately, the hotel did not offer free Internet access and I was too cheap to pay for it. That resulted in the two brief "picture" posts last week. I was trying "mobile" blogging from my iPhone and I wrote this whole piece about the first day of the trip only to discover that it would upload either the photo or the written content but not both. At that point I decided to scrap the whole blogging idea and just enjoy the trip.

Now, I have lots of pictures to share with you! I hope you enjoy my trip to Maui (one week later.)

I booked my trip through

My flight was on United. One tip that I learned is that you can save five dollars on your checked bag fee if you check the bag in over the Internet prior to arriving at the airport.

I stayed at the Royal Lahaina Resort in what was supposed to be a "Garden View" room. I was pleasantly surprised that my "Garden View" room actually had a view from the ocean to the mountain when standing on the balcony. See photos above. The resort was great. It featured several swimming pools and a white sand beach that was never crowded.

That being said, the Royal Lahaina Resort was not actually in Lahaina. It was about ten minutes past Lahaina; which was about an hour from the airport.

The Song Of The Day - Vacation by The Go-Go's


  1. i still like the view very much. the staycation sounds quite charming also tho. hard to choose.
    so i guess you didn't deal with william shatner at all. maybe he could have helped.
    ok hurry send us stay at homes some more pix,,,please.
    love mom

  2. HI Jon,
    I was checking your blog daily last week for a hope that I could escape to Hawaii for a few minutes a day. Mike and I stayed at the Royal Lahaina 18 years ago. We picked that Hotel as that is where my folks had stayed on their trip. The tradition continues!!! I enjoyed the luau! I did not enjoy going to the tennis morning work out. I was a woman who had not played in several years or done any physical activity for that part..Alex was a baby then. I had to drill with Mike and this tennis pro couple. Sore muscles? OMG!Cant wait to hear more about your trip!!!
    love Joanne