Monday, May 31, 2010

Here Comes The Sun . . .

For the Memorial Day Holiday my friend Shamoli organized a picnic at Mission Dolores Park.

The park is situated on a hill that over looks the City.

The day started out foggy and cold but by noon was beautiful. It was the perfect weather for the first day of the Summer Season!

We enjoyed lots of food, companionship, the hookah and even joined another group for some hula hooping!

I surprised myself when I was able to keep the hula hoop up and going.

Thank you to my Mom who talked me through the recipe for Deviled Eggs the night before the picnic. I think they turned out fine.

The Song Of The Day - Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles (not available on iTunes)


  1. i'm sorry just jon, but i must comment. you make me smile and laugh. first of all i love the beatles, good choice! second it did look like a perfect day. and third i can't comment on the hookah, cuz i don't know what that is, but food i love. it looks delicious and your eggs made me say, o jon they look perfect. and i guess fourth, just jon you have always been athletically inclined; you could always keep up a hula hoop, somehow.
    love, mom

  2. The deviled eggs were great! thanks for the recipe Mrs.C! Jon, you got some awesome pics, and the song fits pretty well...what a perfect day this was

  3. huh...i still beat you at the wii hoola hoop...oh well. we should try playing in real life :)