Monday, May 24, 2010

Oops (Oh My) . . .

My apologies to anyone who visited Just Jon over the past few days and had a hard time reading the postings because the background image and the font color were almost the same.

It would be easy for me to explain this problem by saying the "Blog was experiencing technical difficulties."

The truth is, "I" was my own technical difficulty.

Over the last few months several sites that I use in conjunction with Just Jon have been enhancing their format. Primarily You Tube.

The "Posting Area" on the template that I use for this blog no longer supported the size of the embedded video box from YouTube. I also started to notice that other features on the blog such as the Loyal Locations Live Traffic Feed did not appropriately fit in the side bar.

I toyed with the idea of revamping the blog once again by choosing a new template that would fit all the features I was trying to add. In the end I really liked the general look of Just Jon and only wanted a little more room in the "Posting Area" and "Side Bar."

This past week I started searching the Internet for information on how to update my template.

I came across several web sites that were very helpful.

On Saturday, after several hours of self education, trial, and error; I was re-writing the HTML code used to create blog templates.

By the afternoon I was so proud of the work I had done because I had accomplished everything I set out to do. The posting area now accommodated the YouTube embedded videos, my Side Bar was wider, and I had created a scrolling message box for Just Peer Wisdom.

I was a computer programmer!

Everything was great until I happened to check out Just Jon while on my lunch break at work.

Uh oh!

The background of the blog was the same color as the words!

This was not good.

Some of you may not have experienced this error.

I think that the changes I made worked if you are using Safari as your web browser. If you were using Internet Explorer to get to Just Jon, well you saw a big brown blob on the screen.

I believe I have now corrected all the issues.

Once again, sorry for the big brown screen that some of you were greeted with over the past few days!

The Song Of The Day - Oops (Oh My) by Tweet

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  1. we love you just jon. all the hard work can be frustrating, but hopefully rewarding in the end. hope you enjoyed being a computer programmer; good job. love the scrolling message box!
    love, mom