Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Graduate . . .

As I put on my facebook status last Friday, "My little Miss Megan graduated 8th grade tonight. Uncle Jon is not ready to accept that his niece is in high school!"

Despite my refusal to accept this right of passage into the next stage of her life, I am so proud of all of her accomplishments.

Above Megan can be seen with the rest of Assumption Catholic School's Class of 2010. Megan is in the third row from the bottom, fourth from the left.

For all the family members who were not able to make it to Bellingham last Friday, Just Jon is happy to share with you the exact moment Megan graduated 8th grade!

Please enjoy this video clip of Megan's name being announced and then watch as she walks through the receiving line of faculty and staff from her school to receive her diploma and bible.
(And yes, each graduate made this same walk. There were 43 graduates. It was a late night!)

The Song Of The Day - Graduate by Third Eye Blind


  1. doesn't uncle just jon look so proud with his niece and nephew?

  2. Um, why wasn't Chris Isaak's 'Graduation Day' the theme song? It was used on the OG '90210' when the gang graduated from college. It's very fitting.
    Congratulations to the proud uncle and niece! Oh, and the rest of the family as well : )

  3. HI Jon,
    Thanks for sharing. Hi Megan CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hi Aunt Carol (See I did not forget you!!) How wonderful you all got to be together!!!