Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sweet Surrender. . .

Oh my God, seriously? I don't know that I can handle this.

On Saturday another cupcake shop opened up in my neighborhood. I have no will power over these little calorie infused delights!

I haven't even tried American Cupcake yet! That is how fast these stores are popping up.

Above is my Chocolate "Frosting Filled" Cupcake. (The cupcake tipped over because of my poor wrapper removal.)

I enjoyed the frosting on this cupcake very much. The cake portion however was a little dry. (Don't read that assessment to mean I won't be going back to Susie Cakes because they definitely warrant a future visit... maybe as soon as tomorrow!)

Bon Appetit!


  1. mmmmm...that looks really good. i need to go back to san francisco just so i can get a cupcake. there are like no cupcake bakery things here in WA at all!!


  2. Oh Miss Megan...I have a confession to make. There is a Cupcake Store in WA and your Mom and I sampled their delicious treats. It is called Katie's Cupcakes and it is located in Fairhaven.

    Hopefully your Mom can take you there the next time you go to the book store!

    Uncle Jon

  3. what??!! there has been one here the whole time?? wooow. ok. thanks for telling me!! i have to go get one now...