Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You Don't Know What You Got Till It's Gone . . .

The way we live our lives has dramatically changed over the last twenty years as a direct result of the invention of the cell phone.

Twenty years ago I remember always carrying change in my pocket in case I needed to make a phone call on one of the two public telephones at my high school. I memorized phone numbers for friends and work. If I didn't have the phone number memorized I would refer to my Day Runner or Franklin where I had neatly written every important contact down.

Now, twenty years later, I literally can not tell you what my home phone number is. If you want to know it I will need to look it up on my Smart Phone.

Many of my friends do not even have a land line in their home. There is no need to have a land line any more because your phone is in your purse or pocket. If you need someone or something, just push the speed dial to be connected instantly.

I bring this up because this past weekend my co-worker Darcy lost her cell phone. And just like the Joni Mitchell song says, "You don't know what you got till it's gone!"

Because of Darcy's loss we have been talking at work about how dependant we are on our Smart Phones. How do you contact your friends and family when you don't have a home phone? If you do have a home phone, you still probably would not be able to call anyone because all the phone numbers are stored in your Smart Phone.

In an attempt to make light of the situation I decided to get Darcy a new communication device.

I made Darcy the iCup.

The iCup is the original communication tool; two cups connected by a string!

After presenting Darcy with the iCup I realized it did not offer all the bells and whistles that perhaps she was looking for. Darcy needed a data plan for texting.

I got it!

I upgraded Darcy's iCup to include a 100 "Sheet" data plan for texting! (Pencil included)

The iCup was quite the conversation piece.

My favorite comment of the day, "Does it work?"

That question was followed by the person picking up one of the iCups to test it out.


  1. Your iCUP phone has a feature I'll bet you didn't know it had. You NEVER have to be bothered with inter-active voice recordings, you'll always be conected to a human being.


  2. oh! another positve to the ICUP is that you dont have to worry about charging it!! or losing the charger cord


  3. good one meg. and let us not forget the price of these hi-tec things. this iCup device is looking better and better. i am sure there are more uses and ways the iCup can be upgraded. something to ponder in our down time.
    love, mom