Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Drive . . .

While staying at Casa de Casey over Fourth of July weekend I asked the concierge if there was any recreational activities available for registered guests. The concierge immediately recommended a round of golf at Sinaloa Golf Course in the adjacent community of Simi Valley.

Other than hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range; I had not played a round of golf in over ten years.

The concierge assured me that I would have a good time and told me that there was another couple staying at the resort that already had a tee time and I was more than welcome to join them on the links.

After the first hole it became clear that the three of us were equal in skill set and keeping score was not necessary.

It turned out to be perfect weather for playing the nine hole course.

By the ninth hole we each had experienced some good shots, some bad shots, some time in the sand trap, and some time for cheering for ourselves for a "putt" or "par" well done.

The Song Of The Day - Drive by Incubus

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  1. Drive by Incubus? Why not Drive by R.E.M.?
    Regardless of your poor song selection, looks like you all had a fun time!