Monday, July 5, 2010

Boom Boom Pow . . .

I was able to make last minute reservations for the "Garden Room" at Casa de Casey in Moorpark for the Fourth Of July Holiday Weekend.

And for reasons I have never quite understood the City of Moorpark chooses to hold its fireworks celebration for the Fourth of July on the Third of July.

Rather than go watch the display from the park. It is more convenient to stand on the driveway and accept the fact that some of the low bursts are going to be blocked by the palm trees in the neighbors yard.

Here are some of the better pictures I took from the driveway on the Third of July. For optimum viewing click on the picture to see the image full size.

Happy Third, I mean Fourth of July!


  1. Sounds like fun. Where can I get information on Casa de Casey in Moorpark? I'm assuming the Garden Room comes with a garden view? And is it anything like Casa Walsh in Beverly Hills?

  2. No, it's more like the Madonna Inn where each room has a different theme. The Garden Room has a slightly obstructed view of the front lawn. Casa Walsh was a bit more grand.

  3. We now have accommodations in the Bar Room, tv included.


  4. there is no vacancy at casa de casey. it is booked solid through july 15th. it is no longer serving dinners. it is strictly a bed and breakfast now. reservations only. o and fyi the cleaning staff only comes in once a week to refresh the towels and linens. small loads of laundry are an added charge. tvs, microwaves and wi-fi access are available for a nominal charge also.
    love, the proprietor
    all are welcome!

  5. hahaha. i get to go to the casa de casey in moorpark tomorow!!!!! yay! cant wait to see everyone!!!

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