Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rollercoaster . . .

The whole family got together this past week for some relaxation and adventure which included a trip to Disneyland and California Adventure.

Above Sean and Amy eagerly wait for the Monorail to take the family into the Magic Kingdom. In a few short minutes we would be dropped off right in the middle of the park.

Both Megan and Grandma rocked their Gap Sunglasses. Insert shameless plug here (Available at 224 Gap stores across the nation for just $24.50)

Sean took in all the underwater sights on the Finding Nemo Submarine ride.

How cool is Grandma? She kept her sunglasses on while riding Space Mountain in the dark!

Megan and I just before riding Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

Now, in what I shall call "therapy" I will tell you Loyal Readers a story that has become a Casey Family Legend.

Shortly after the roller coaster Big Thunder Mountain Railroad opened in 1979 at Disneyland my parents took my brother and I on the ride.

My six year old self had what I can only describe as a major melt down panic attack in the middle of the ride. I vividly remember trying to climb off the moving train.

As an adult riding on this roller coaster I slid back and forth on the seat as the train rounded each curve even with the lap bar firmly in place. I fully realize it was a miracle that I did not succeed in climbing out of the train as a child.

To permanently document the horror of my childhood I decided to film our ride on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in its entirety. Be sure to check out the 1:20 mark for some familiar faces.

The Song Of The Day - Rollercoaster by Janet Jackson


  1. haha sean hasnt seen this one yet. i can see him now just watching it over and over and over again!
    disneyland was so much fun! we got to do soo much! my feet still hurt though...
    if grandma sees this-when do we get to go swimming? hahaha


  2. great pix of you and meg, just jon. grandma in her sun glasses in the dark was actually not so cool at that point on space mountain. her tummy was thrilled the ride was ending. as for thunder mountain, yes you did try to climb out. possibly we just didn't get you out and about enough and you did not understand the concept of amusement thrill rides and when the bar goes down you are to remain locked in 'til mr disney says you can exit. and to my beautiful meg, you my sweet may go swimming anytime you desire, if i had my wishes.
    love, mom and grandma

  3. Classic, can not believe you were able to hold on to your phone the enire time.