Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Wish I Could Get A Taste Of That . . .

There is more to life than cupcakes!

For a comfort food treat that hearkens back to simpler days; try Loving Cup Rice Pudding Shop on Polk Street in San Francisco.

If the line out the door doesn't indicate how great this little shop is then your taste buds will erase any doubt.

Flavors of the rice pudding rotate but some of the regulars include Madagascar Vanilla, Chocolate Chip, and Rum Raisin.

But wait there is more! Rice pudding is not the only treat Loving Cup has up its sleeve!

They also serve vanilla and chocolate frozen yogurt that you can mix toppings into.

Are you thinking, "Big deal! I can get frozen yogurt everywhere."

Well, this is different.

They hand churn the frozen yogurt fresh for each order! It's pretty cool to watch the employees hand crank a drill like machine which mixes your yogurt and toppings into a sweet smooth delight!

I highly recommend Loving Cup Rice Pudding Shop for something different.

And if you really want a cupcake; they offer a small variety of those too.

The Song Of The Day - Must Be Good by Kandi


  1. Hi Jon,
    Have you looked into finding a side job as a food writer? Just a suggestion...after reading this last entry I am going to crave rice pudding today darn you! Will have to try it on the next trip up!
    Have a great week!

  2. Joanne-

    You are not the first person to tell me that. However, I think I am too picky of an eater to have a career as a food critic.

    That being said, my written review of the Sweet Potato Quesadilla at work caused the VP to opt out of that meal choice.


  3. The only sweet potato form i CAN EAT ARE FRIES but when they show up at Thanksgiving or any other holiday I close my eyes and pass em around. i have even cooked them but WILL NOT eat them. Major gag factor. Did have sweet potato fries with Ms. J at Pearls but I would join your VP in the opt out!So you could become the "Picky Eater" food critic! There are tons of us out there ya know!!!
    Warning..Allison will be in SF with J next week!! I know they want to see you...