Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Luck . . .

Love Love Love!

Can I just tell you how excited I was when I looked to the left on this blog and saw lucky number 13!

The "official" "registered" Loyal Readers had been stalled out at 12 for about a year! I was getting a little concerned.

I wondered if people were afraid to be number 13? Was that why they were not signing up to be a Loyal Reader?

Who cares now! My heart skipped a beat when I saw the 13th spot had finally been taken!

So Just Jon would like to extend a warm welcome the 13th (officially registered) Loyal Reader...a.k.a Cha Cha Diva!

Cha Cha Diva has her own blog and it makes me laugh every time I read it! You can find a link to her blog below in the section "Just Some Other Blogs Worth Reading."

P.S. I knew someday I would have a use for all these pictures of "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" sculptures that I have been collecting for the last four years!

1 comment:

  1. hurray for just jon and his lucky #13 loyal reader. love the hearts
    mom xoxo