Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Morning . . .

One the things listed in the disclosures for the condo was that the property was next to an active train track.

On one of my many visits to the sales office I inquired about the train track and just how "active" was "active"?

My sales agent said that she only saw the track being used on Tuesdays at noon.

That didn't bother me because I like trains and I would most likely be at work on Tuesdays.

So being on vacation this week I was checking email when I heard a train whistle.   I looked at the clock and it was NOON ON TUESDAY!  

I ran out of my unit to the common area that overlooks the street and sure enough there was a locomotive parked outside!


The Song Of The Day - Tuesday Morning by Michelle Branch


  1. Wasn't Sheryl Crowe drinking beer at noon on a Tuesday?

  2. Reminds me of camping at Carpenteria.