Saturday, March 5, 2011

Born This Way . . .

Lady Gaga recently released her newest single Born This Way to a storm of controversy when listeners cried that the track bared a striking resemblance to Madonna's 1989 hit Express Yourself.

Twitter was on fire with trending topics about #ExpressYourself, #BornThisWay, and #LadyGaga.  (I am new to Twitter, but for those of you who don't know, the hash mark "#" placed in front of a word or phrase allows other users to search for a topic faster.)

I too felt the song took much of the chorus cadence from Madonna's earlier song and tweeted the following snarky comment:

A few weeks later a 10 year old girl named Maria uploaded a video on YouTube of herself playing a stripped down version of Born This Way.

The Song reduced to just the pure vocals of a child and a piano took on a whole new meaning.  This time I could really hear the words of the song which presented an equally strong message about acceptance today as Madonna's song preached female empowerment back in 1989.

Maria became a YouTube sensation over night and her performance of Born This Way eventually was seen by Lady Gaga herself.

Maria was being interviewed by a local radio station in her native Canada when she got the surprise of her life - Lady Gaga called to talk to her on the phone.

Lady Gaga praised Maria and spoke about how it is her "Little Monsters" like Maria that inspire her.  She then invited Maria to come on stage with her at her concert when she performed in Toronto.

The above clip is when Maria was brought on stage to perform Born This Way with Lady Gaga!  Such a great moment in a little girl, or shall I say "little monster's" life.

The Song Of The Day - Born This Way by Lady Gaga

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  1. this doesn't have anything to do with the "Born This Way" but...
    as you know, Lent is coming up. I am giving up dessert foods, just as uncle jon did last year. I am curious to see who will be able to go longer without bending the Lenten Rules :)