Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Need Just A Little More Time . . .

Some things never change.   

Seriously, they don't change.

I am a slow reader.

I am the king of starting books and only getting to about page 100 before I stop reading them.

I have an entire book case of novels, biographies, and self help books that are all half read.

So when my co-worker Dyanna announced she wanted to start the "Not Just For Oprah Book Club" club,  I was overcome with anxiety.

I wanted to show my support for her endeavor, but I also knew based on my history with books the chances of me completing the assignment were slim to none.

She gave us a little over a month to read the book.

"I can do this," I thought to myself.

I rushed out to get the book the first weekend.

I got home and assessed the situation.  

* 304 Pages (I was hoping for 150.  I could do 150)
* 236 Pages ( Ah Ha! 68 pages are the notations and an interview with the author.  Better!)
* Cartoon pictures within most chapters (Bonus!)

I read the prologue that first weekend.  I was flying!  

But the book was kind of like a text book from college which was making me WANT to put it down. And there was competing television!   You can understand why I may not have been the most disciplined reader.  Right?

Somehow or other the month went by and the "Not Just For Oprah Book Club" was scheduled to meet and I had not gotten any further in the book!   

Uh Oh!

I went to Dyanna and explained that I might not have finished the book and was wondering if we could push the club meeting out to the next week.  Fortunately I was not the only procrastinator in the bunch.  Several members of our group had not finished the book.  So based on our collective failure to complete the assigned reading the first meeting of the "Not Just For Oprah Book Club" was pushed out one additional week.

And the above picture is me "cramming" the night before the club meeting.

Just like in high school.

Just like in college.

And just as filled with anxiety and stress.

Maybe I was not meant to be a part of a book club?

In the end the book turned out to be pretty interesting and had lots of correlating lessons for our work environment which lead to a stimulating discussion.  (The cookie refreshments weren't bad either!)

Below is a clip from The Colbert Report where the author discusses the premise of the book.

The Song Of The Day - Time by Sarah McLachlan


  1. did you get past chapter 2? think i shared my experience with the book club with you once...i was scolded for showing up and not having finished the book. imagine if i told them i really didnt even get past chapter 2. and you know what i did so i could be 'prepared'? i searched for cliff notes on google.

  2. I already know I'd drop out of any bookclub or they would kick me out. I give you credit for trying. What's the second book?