Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Down That Road . . .

On Tuesday of our Maui vacation I told Mom and Dad we needed to be up and ready to leave the hotel by 7:15 in the morning so that we could start the drive to Hana!

Why 7:15?

Because it is recommended to be to Kahului by 8am and we needed to drive the 45 minutes from Kaanapali where the hotel is.

We started the day right on schedule.  In Kahului I popped in the Uncle Boy Kanai and Captain Aloha CD to navigate our way to Hana.

First stop Paia Town to pick up some sandwiches for the road and fill up the tank with gas.

Everyone was still all smiles when we made our second stop in Twin Falls.  I was worried about how Mom and Dad were going to react when we started hiking through the rain forest to get to our first waterfall.

All Smiles!

Then it started to rain.

Then Tony came to the part of the road that had become a raging river due to the rain.

We opted to skip trying to cross the river and head back to the car.  There will be plenty of other waterfalls to look at on the journey.

Carol enjoying the light rain.

Another family on the road offered to take this picture of us in front of a waterfall.  The waterfall is on the left side near Carol's shoulder.

Thank God!  This is Puahokamoa Falls at Mile Marker 11.  The last time I did this road trip I wasted a lot of time and never found Mile Marker 11.  This time we found it with ease.  Rumor has it that the Garden Of Eden attraction periodically removes the Mile Marker 11 sign so that people driving along the Road To Hana will pull off and pay to view Puahokamoa Falls.  

Carol and Tony at Kaumahina State Park overlooking the Keanae Peninsula.

Keanae Peninsula where we stopped to eat and pick up some of Aunt Sandy's famous Banana Bread!

At Waianapanapa State Park we explored the Lava Tube Cave and Black Sand Beach.

And it rained!

Next stop Koki Beach.

And finally the last stop on this trip to Hana; Wailua Falls!

(At this point - about eight hours into the day Tony was no longer getting out of the car at every stop; which is why there is no picture of him at this waterfall.) 

On the drive back we stopped and captured this rainbow over the ocean.

Finally we reached Lahaina where we stopped for a sunset dinner!

A long, rainy, beautiful day!

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  1. it was a beautiful day, and jon taking dad and me on that road to hana showed us sight after sight after sight of just how lovely maui is. thanks, jon!
    love, mom