Sunday, April 3, 2011

Are You Ready To Jump ? ? ?

Here are the words I never thought I would write, "Carol and Tony went ziplining!"

We went to Piiholo Ranch on Maui where the "zipping" is a little more gentle on the landing because you are seated in a harness.

This was perfect for first time zippers.

First task - cross the suspension bridge to get to the zip course.

Second task - learn the three Zipping Signals (Arrow, Starfish, and Brake.)

And away they go!

The Song Of The Day - Jump by Madonna


  1. no i was not ready to run and jump off the platform! my heart was pounding, but i realized that was from the long steep and wobbly climb up up up to the tower. once there, i could just sit back and relax and lift my feet, and we were off zipping! i am smiling! it was very cool, and a very fun adventure. thanks jon!
    love, mom

  2. The zipping was fantastic!!!!! The first tower climb was not to bad, it was all stairs. The next two were climbs were wobbly, vertical suspension bridges and lugging the 12 pound carridge. But, it was all worth it!!!!!!!!