Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chocolate . . .

Last week I went to visit my friend for lunch who works for Ghirardelli chocolate.  As I followed the driving directions to her office I couldn't help but roll down the car window when I read the last instruction that said, "If you get lost, follow the smell of chocolate."

She wasn't kidding.  If heaven exists it will smell like this nondescript street in the East Bay which was filled with the aroma of melted chocolate!

The first thing I noticed was a sign that said "Factory Store Up To 60% Off Retail."

This could be a problem for this chocolate lover.

But friendship with an employee of Ghirardelli has its privileges.   I got to have a sample of chocolate right off the assembly line.

Then it got better... and by better I mean a bag full of random goodies!

Which almost all made it home for refrigerator drawer organization by flavor!

The Song Of The Day - Chocolate by One Eskimo


  1. Do you have a friende who works for a distillery?


  2. Jon's Dad- you could go to the budwieser factory in Vacaville and they let you sample all kinds of beer after the tour.

  3. To: SK
    From: Just Jon's Dad

    Thanks for the tip. We have a Budwieser brewery down here in Van Nuys. They built a 'Busch Gardens' there many years ago, then tore it down to expand the brewery. Be on the look out for anything named Walker, Dewer or Macallum.

    Just Jon's Dad