Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm Fierce And I'm Feeling Mighty I'm A Golden Girl I'm An Aphrodite . . .

Saturday night Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue brought her Aphrodite Live Tour to San Francisco.
Kylie has sold 68 million records around the world but has never achieved super star status in the United States.

She is often compared to Madonna because of her success in Europe and her shows are known for similar theatrics, costumes, and dancing.

When I heard Kylie was bringing a scaled down version of her Aphrodite Tour to America I was stoked!

The costumes were spectacular, the aerialists were phenomenal,  and Kylie herself was gracious and charming.  Throughout the show she took time to acknowledge fans who had dressed in her likeness and read the signs they held up for her.

She came across as genuinely pleased with the audiences enthusiasm for her performance.

The show held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium was general admission with no seats on the floor.  This allowed my friend Shamoli and I to get very close to the stage.

The Aphrodite Tour is now one of my top three favorite concerts!

Kylie opened the show with the song Aphrodite off her current album and the show never slowed down!

I can't even tell you how exited I was when she performed Slow and combined the "slow" and "fast" remix version!

The Song Of The Day - Aphrodite by Kylie Minogue


  1. well, you certainly got some great close up pix. i am not sure i want to know how excited you got to see and hear slow plus the fast remix. but i am happy for you. so what are your fav top three shows?
    love, mom
    just a sideline, how about adele 21 being number one for longer than any other performer for the last two years. excellent! you picked a good one. i got to see her on dancing with the stars.

  2. you got some great pics, im the one who went home and was disappointed. they looked so much better on my phone at the show!