Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eh En Gee Ee El . . .

A sunny day in The Bay ...

is perfect for a photo hike on Angel Island.

I spy with my little eye a sail boat.

Angel Island = The Ellis Island of the West

Behind these gates immigrants were detained

Immigrants carved poetry into the walls of the barracks

They traveled so far for a taste of freedom that seemed so close beyond bars fences and gates

The Barracks

The Compound

This place was the Immigration Station - North Garrison

Called China Cove.  It held the immigrants . . .



and Dreams!

The remains of Fort McDowell - East Garrison

A decaying stairwell

A room with a view

a piece of history

Across The Bay lies the hustle of The City

But here is the calm on Quarry Beach

The Bay Bridge spans the water from The City to Treasure Island and on to the East Bay

The Golden Gate rises through the reeds

and I still stand despite my burns for you to see your beloved City through my naked branches


The Song Of The Day - Angel by Natasha Bedingfield


  1. very nicely done jon. thank you.
    love, mom

  2. Aunt Ronda gave Mom a paperback a few months ago. It's title is SHANGHAI GIRLS. Without doing a book review it's about two sisters and a key part of their story takes place on Angel Island during WWII.


  3. love the pictures, really wish i could have gone with you. i actually set the picture of GG bridge on my computer at work :)