Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm Reading Between The Lines. . .

OK, so I have already blogged about how hard it is to find parking in San Francisco.  Today I saw my new favorite sign and I had to share it with you!

This afternoon I was in the Mission District picking up a friend.  We had planned to go on a hiking expedition.  My friend asked if we could stop at the local grocery store so she could pick up some food for our hike. 

My friend directed me to the Bi-Rite which was just around the corner.  Since there was no parking we decided that I would wait in the car while she ran in and picked up the food.  

My car was blocking the driveway of an apartment building.  I kept the car idling with the hazard lights on in case I needed to move.  As I was sitting there I looked out the window and saw the funniest sign ever posted on the garage door I was parked in front of.

Unfortunately, I don't think the last line on the sign is legible so I will type it here for you.  It says, "You Will Also Seriously Piss Off The B*tch Who Pays Good Money For This Garage And Nobody Wants That."

Thank God my friend finished up in the store before the "B*tch" got pissed off and had to come out and yell at me for blocking her driveway.

The Song Of The Day - Take Control by Amerie

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