Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh I Wanna Dance With Somebody. . .

So I was watching the American Idol season finale last night when it became blatantly obvious that white people can't dance.   

On each elimination night throughout the competition the top twelve contestants perform a song together.  Keeping in mind this is a singing competition, I feel bad for these kids as they are taught remedial dance steps and expected to perform a routine as they try and sing together.  One word to describe this visual train wreck...awkward. 

The two stiffest members of the ensemble were definitely Brooke White and Amanda Overmyer.  They entered the competition to sing, not dance.  The producers of the show should really spare the viewing audience from having to watch these cheesy numbers.  Just let them sing.

So the American Idol finale got me thinking about how much I like to dance.  I have never claimed to be a good dancer; I have merely said I like to dance.  The problem is that when you tell someone that you like to dance they automatically think you have some sort of skill. 

In my mind, when I am busting a move, I am quite positive I have killed it and would totally win So You Think You Can Dance.  The reality is, I am just as awkward as the American Idol kids.

The one thing I have going for me is that if the music is right, I require very little encouragement to move to the center of the dance floor and break out my moves.  Also, once I get going I really don't need a dance partner.  I am perfectly content entertaining the crowd on my own.  I guess I should pay more attention.  Maybe the crowd wasn't cheering me on.  Maybe those were looks of horror.

Unfortunately, as evidenced in the recent photo displayed here; I too dance like a white person.  Apparently, I have some signature moves that my friends can imitate.  When I saw this recent set of photos it occurred to me that I was doing the same movement with my hand in every shot.  

Some people might be embarrassed by my mad skillz.  I have one friend who after she saw me start to dance she took one giant step backwards to try and discretely exit the dance floor.   This did not phase me at all.  I kept right on going!

So as the old adage goes...Dance like there is no one watching!

The Song Of The Day - The Time Is Now by Moloko

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  1. Hi Jon, I have truly enjoyed reading about your escapades and can still see you doing a little dance on the sales floor at #280.

    I like the bus story the best. Keep it up......we here, in upstste New York, still drive our vehicles but with the price of gas going up some may have to start walking and riding the bus.

    Keep us all smiling.....Good times!!!