Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me . . .

On Saturday after running errands I stopped for lunch at one of my favorite places; Panera Bread.  This Panera Bread is located near AT&T Park in Mission Bay.

From the main dining area there is a lot to watch as you eat your food.  Two Muni platforms are just outside the restaurant as well as watching the very busy intersection of 4th and King Streets.

As I was enjoying my sandwich I realized the four girls at the table next to me were all looking up in the same direction at the building across the street.  Another table of six people were giggling hysterically and pointing.

I looked in the general direction as everyone else and saw a gentleman standing in the window of the fourth floor condo across the street wearing nothing but bikini underwear like the ones below but in yellow talking on his phone and continuously adjusting himself.

As the gentleman continued to pace his condo in his "chonies" a little white fluffy dog kept jumping up and down on the furniture near the window.  It was quite a scene.

I didn't realize lunch at Panera Bread was like going to dinner theatre in Vegas.


  1. i notice you have never taken dad and i to that place. as they say, "free show!"
    well i shall look forward to my next visit. and i want to go to lunch and eat sandwiches
    love, mom

  2. naughty naughty grandma!!
    that little white flufly dog reminds me of my dog, spunky!!