Saturday, July 18, 2009

Time To Say Goodbye . . .

It was a sad day on Friday when the Starbucks across the street from work permanently closed. As seen in the picture above, by 4 o'clock workers had already started to remove the sign on the front of the building.

It's hard to believe that the amount of coffee our office buys from this location was not enough to make it profitable.

We found out months ago that our Starbucks was slated for closure and so began the journey through Kubler-Ross' Seven Stages of Grief and Dying.

Stage One - Shock/Disbelief
  • "Shut up!  You are totally lying, it's not closing!  I don't believe you.  That's not even funny."
Stage Two - Denial
  • "Look, there are no signs posted saying they are closing."
Stage Three - Anger
  • "WTF, now I am going to have to buy coffee in the Cafe and they don't make White Chocolate Mocha's or Caramel Frappuccino's, I am so mad!"
Stage Four - Bargaining
  • "I heard someone started a petition, maybe we can save this place!"
Stage Five - Guilt
  • "If I only would have gone everyday this wouldn't have happened."
Stage Six - Depression
  • "It's so sad, I wonder what is going to happen to all the employees?"
Stage Seven - Acceptance And Hope
  • "I am going to save so much money now that Starbucks closed!"
Goodbye Starbucks, I have many fond memories on your couches and in your courtyard.


  1. Try living in a town where the nearest Starbuck's is 20 minutes away. Of course, I prefer CB&TL but the trip to SF for a Mocha Latte seems a bit ridiculous.

  2. I can not believe "no cal" like yourself has not found the perfect coffee house that is local. Personally, buy yourself a coffee pot, pick up your favorite blend (I like TJ Bolivian Blend) and brew - it will save you millions, errr, I mean hundreds!
    Your brother

  3. i dont think coffe is that good for you, but the carmel frappiciono is really good!. my dad has a point though, just be prepared for it to break...jk! i mean just remember to buy coffee when you go to the store. i know my mom gets mad if she forgot to buy coffee especially if you dont realize until you have the water in and go to put the coffee in and theres none!! lol


  4. I would be heartbroken. Crushed. Morose.

    I ADORE "the Buck"... It is a bastion of all that is normal and civilized.

    I have a Tully's right downstairs and I hate it. I walk my 1.5 blocks to the Buck and enjoy it every time. (Even the darn decaf)

  5. humm, sounds like everyone has a favorite brew; and i am sure they are all yummy. but so glad to hear someone else's fav is cb&tl. my fav, too! they always do a good job.
    funny blog just jon
    and a special hi to meg and joanne
    love, mom

  6. Elisabel said come away from the Dark Side and try Peet's Coffee.:)