Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rock The Boat . . .

On Tuesday our managers pulled us into an impromptu meeting and told us that the following day we were going to be leaving work early for a surprise team building event.  The only information they gave us was to wear comfortable clothes and dress in layers.

So obviously I immediately over packed for the event.  I had a jacket, a sweatshirt, a beanie, a hat, a scarf, and an umbrella.  You just never know what weather you are going to get in San Francisco.

Throughout Wednesday our managers never budged on telling us what we were going to do.  At 1:30 we headed down to the parking lot and piled into two cars.

Driving...hmmm...where might we be going?

Eventually we arrived in Golden Gate Park at the Boat House.  Our surprise was the rental of two peddle boats on Stow Lake.

Now the last time I was on a peddle boat was when I was probably ten or twelve years old at Campland On The Bay in San Diego.  My memory said this was going to be fun so I volunteered to be one of the "peddlers."

Look how happy we are right when we boarded the boat in the above picture.

"Don't worry Ivy, I've got it all under control. We are not going to tip over."

Because of the size of our group we were divided onto two boats.  The other boat launched first and Allison and Peter quickly peddled away from the dock.

Not to be outdone, my co-peddler Elizabeth and I put our boat into high gear and tried to catch up.

After about a minute of peddling I think it occurred to everyone that this was not so easy.  We were really getting a work out.  

I don't remember it being this hard when I was twelve.

I had to start removing layers fast.  Off came the jacket.  And the sweatshirt became an extra seat cushion.

It was time to slow the pace down if we were going to make it around the island.

Just so you get an idea, below is a map of how big Stow Lake is.  



Towards the end of our peddling experience, Elizabeth noticed the warning label on the boat that says, "Fast peddling can cause rapid tiring of legs."

Well duh!  

If only we had read that before we got started.

After our boat ride we headed to a nearby restaurant for some much needed beer and snacks.

A good time was had by all.

The Song Of The Day - Rock The Boat by Aaliyah


  1. doesnt sound like weather was the sounds like they should have put one of those signs at the begining!!
    also, wouldnt you want to go slow so you could enjoy the view? it must have been a nice day and not just a race to the finish???


  2. sounds like a well deserved fun event, for the hard working team efforts you all have contributed.
    thank goodness that someone noticed the warning sign that fast pedaling would tire your legs. who knew?
    hey megan, gramma loves you
    glad you all had your outing just jon.
    love, mom

  3. So I think my work should do this. What exactly did you learn from it? And did it make you all much better employees the next day?