Thursday, February 17, 2011

All That Power . . .

Storm Watch 2011 continued on Thursday in The Bay Area and this storm was ready to show its full strength.  "Super Storm" had one message to send, "Don't mess with Mother Nature.

The above photo shows the view of The Bay from my office on a normal morning.  Please take note of Pier 28 in the center of the photo.  On the pinnacle of the arch of Pier 28 there is a flag pole with the American Flag waving in all its glory.

Today, "Super Storm" decided to take on Pier 28's pole and American Flag.

I'll give you a wild guess who won this battle . . .

One point for Mother Nature!

Zero points for Pier 28.

The Song Of The Day - Power by Kanye West

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    love, mom
    and that storm is heading our way. o great.