Saturday, February 5, 2011

Swim . . .

There is an Olympic size pool across the street from my home that offers daily lap swimming, lessons, and recreational swim time.

I scoped the pool out shortly after moving to the neighborhood to see what it looked like, pick up information on the schedule, and find out pricing.

The last two months have been so hectic with work, moving, the holidays and then I got sick so I never made it back to the pool.

Today was going to be the day!

I pulled out the schedule for lap swimming and decided on the 3pm to 4pm hour.

I did my chores in the morning so that I could head over to the pool at 3.

It was a beautiful day in the Bay Area so I put on my swim trunks and flip flops and walked across the street.


CLOSED both Saturday and Sunday!

Epic fail on the attempt to become the next Michael Phelps!

The Song Of The Day - Swim by Madonna


  1. Now you know how I felt at the Marriott Courtyard when I was told that a certain facility was closed for the week.


  2. in case you don't remember the last 10 times i mentioned it, that flower bed in front of the pool where the sign is, is the one i worked on. does it still look pretty with the wood chips??

  3. i am sorry you didn't get to go swimming. olympic size pool. i wonder how many laps i could do? a half? i hope you can get back another time; sounds nice.
    love, mom