Sunday, February 20, 2011

Extraordinary Machine . . .

The first ride photos are of Candlestick Point State Recreation Area.

The Song Of The Day  - Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple


  1. Bravo Jon!!! You need to access Bicycle races by Queen..Want to ride my bicycle...want to ride my bike..want to ride my bicycle, want to ride it where I like. As for the empty parking garage I would so be on my rollerblades!!! of course I have not been on them for about 8 Years so I would need a big empty place to crash......

  2. two things to consider:
    1. helmet cam
    2. have you taken it off any sweet jumps yet?

    enjoy the ride:)

  3. i'm smiling and laughing. you keep on pedaling and i'll keep on enjoying the videos. so far this activity has worked out better than the swim you tried to go for at the public pool. good for you. have fun.
    love, mom

  4. You've mastered the flat surface. Now it's time to try one of the steep streets in the city!
    Or coast down Lombard - that could be fun.

  5. 5800 should revamp their marketing plan to feature that 'bike room'. It looks even better than you described. And, based on the size of that parking garage (maybe and 1/8th of a mile in a rectangle?) could make for a good workout.