Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Do You Know . . .

So my co-worker Danilo is the biggest San Francisco Giants fan I know!

So big in fact that every Friday during baseball season he wears a Giants Jersey to work in support of his team.

In last year's trivia contest at work; my knowledge of the team was minimal.  Everyone knew to go ask Danilo what the answers to the questions were.  (And he didn't even need to cheat by looking them up on the Internet!)

Recently, I shared with Danilo that I had bought (a much less expensive version) of a Giants Jersey for myself.

Danilo then put out the challenge for me to wear my Jersey to work too.

I said I would do it only if we took our picture together for this blog.

I figured a chance at fame with all 19 of my official Loyal Readers was worth that trade right?

So for all the fame and glory of an individual post on Just Jon; I share with you the photo of Danilo and I in our Jerseys.

Now, here is the thing I have learned about wearing sports team paraphernalia.

If you wear a Jersey or t-shirt for a sports team out in public you better be prepared for random strangers to come up to you and inquire about your opinion on said team since it is clear from your choice of clothing that you are a super fan.

I first learned this lesson when I purchased a Michigan State t-shirt on a trip to Michigan to visit my friend Wendy.  Every time I wore that shirt in public someone would come up to me.

"What year did you graduate from Michigan State?"

"Ummmm, I didn't."

"What do you think of the team this year?"

"Ummmm, I don't."

"What do you mean you don't?"

"Well, I kind of just liked the green word 'Michigan' on the grey t-shirt."

As you can imagine conversations like this don't go very well.

When I moved to San Francisco I realized I had better do my best to learn about the local team so that awkward moments like "Michigan State" didn't repeat themselves.

So last Friday I sported my Giants Jersey and baseball cap proudly.  When the cashier at Rubio's asked, "Wasn't it a tragic loss last night?"

I already knew that we had lost, and I was sad.

(Insert genuine look of sadness here)

Then, later walking down the street when someone asked if I was going to the game.

I knew that the game was being played in the East Bay.

"No, I don't have tickets for the game over in Oakland tonight."

Sometimes, I even impress myself.

The Song Of The Day - Do You Know (What It Takes) by Robyn


  1. Nice shirt. Your responses to other Giants fans were brilliant. I guess seeing you in your Giants baseball cap has prepared me for the jersey.


  2. i hope danilo appreciates just jon in his giants jersey and his quick replies to passer-bys who comment on the team. i am impressed and smiling as i read the blog. imagine just jon a sports officionado! who would've guessed? and btw, i too buy shirts for their color and design, not what they might say or depict. i have had the same embarrassing conversations. good job, just jon.
    love, mom

  3. As we drove by Pac Bell Park, my host said, "I can stop, you can get out and run into to the store and get something." To which I replied, "What am I going to buy in there?" My host informed me that there was some great things in the Giant store. I looked at him and politely said, "No thanks, let's keep going, there won't be any Giant stuff bought by me." Good times, good times. B

  4. See, that's why you can rock your CSUN shirt. Then you can tell people how awesome it was to go to college in a bunch of trailers. Good times.


  5. good comments from marie! i agree with her. that would be a tremendous blog. the csun story after the 1994 earthquake in so cal. wear your csun shirt proudly , thanks also to the powerful job of president blenda. amazing job by you all!
    o and i forgot to say you and danilo look fab!
    love, mom

  6. i am so proud of your giants knowledge!