Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's All Yellow . . .

And Poets Would See Love In The Parking Of A Car,
Love In The Rear-View Mirror, Love In The Slowing 
Of Tires Between Yellow Lines.
"Stay With Me In This Parking Lot," The Driver 
Would Say.  "All My Life, I Have Held This Space
For Someone Like You."

Meanwhile Back At The Curb,
We Were Waiting.

Excerpt From Crossing With The Light, Dwight Okita

The Song Of The Day - Yellow By Coldplay


  1. Hi Jon, I just happened to google my name and saw you had a photo of my poetry plaque from the Embarcadero. That's was fun running into it.

    Dwight Okita

  2. o so cool. i never knew this was the poem on the plaque. Getting to know Dwight all over again. Thanks for posting.

  3. So COOL that Dwight Okita found your blog on his poem!