Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mother And Father . . .

Today I had a good laugh when I checked to see if I had any mail at work.

There, sitting on top of the bills and catalogues was a postcard addressed to me; or so I thought.

I started to walk back to my desk while looking at the postcard and then realized it was addressed to "The Parent Of."

I haven't seen a letter addressed to "The Parents Of" me since I graduated high school.

Clearly this was a mistake as the postcard wanted my parents to learn more about how to pay for my eventual college education.

Apparently the four and a half years I spent at California State University, Northridge never happened.

Since my parents don't live in my office I figured I should turn the postcard over the next best equivalent to "parents" in the work environment.

Instead of going back to my desk I took the postcard to my Director and asked if she wanted to take on the roll of my parent.   I mean this is my college education we are talking about here.

She declined.

So I am currently accepting applications for surrogate parents in the Bay Area who are willing to start saving for my eventual second college degree.  (I didn't even think I wanted to go back to college until today.)

Since it has been a while since I have been a "student" I am probably going to need to take a few prep courses.  And this time I think I want to try living in the dorms; but just for one semester.   After the first semester I want to get an off campus apartment.  I can totally handle the responsibility.

This is going to be great!

All prospective donors can contact me by leaving a comment on this post =)

The Song Of The Day - Mother And Father by Madonna

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  1. If you enroll in the 'ART' school that owns half the buildings in the City, you could put a 'DORM ROOM' sign on your existing residence and it'll all work!!!!