Friday, May 8, 2009

Friend Indeed . . .

Today is my co-worker Branden's last day.  So in his honor he gets a blog.

Here are the top ten things I will miss about Branden:

  1. Even though he only sits one cube away he prefers to communicate via instant message or e-mail.
  2. Our ongoing discussions about Kanye West's girlfriend Amber Rose.
  3. His consistent choice of pairing a button down woven with a sweater.
  4. Discussing the disastrous Wednesday evening conference calls with Sri Lanka and India (This one's for you Richa!)
  5. No one else finds humor in an unkempt dentist.
  6. The daily discussion of "what would you do if someone handed you a pillow and said to go sleep in the hall."
  7. Listening to him bicker with my work wife Jan.
  8. The mustache incident of 2009.
  9. Generic re-caps about television shows he hasn't seen since he doesn't have a TV.
  10. Sitting in the back of meetings and finding something to laugh about.
Good luck Branden, you will be missed!

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