Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On A Clear Day . . .

So when I was planning my stay in Seattle, I tried to find a hotel close to the Space Needle.  My ghetto fabulous Best Western is just one block away and my hotel room boasted the great view shown above.

I had been to the Space Needle once before about three years ago on an overcast day.   So this trip I had no intention of going back and paying $16 to ride the elevator to the top.

That was until I woke up this morning and it was a beautiful clear day in Seattle.  Knowing what a rarity that is; I knew I should take advantage of the weather and visit the Space Needle again.  

After the Space Needle it was time to hop on the Monorail and head on into the "Retail Core" of the city.  The Monorail travels right through the middle of the Experience Music Project museum that Brian and I visited yesterday.

And guess where the Monorail stops?

Yes, that's right, The Gap.

From the Monorail station I headed up 5th Ave to Spring St. to visit the Seattle Central Library.  Recommended by my friend Courtney, this really was worth the trip.

The building gives a spectacular view through a lattice work of glass and steel.

Then it was time to ride the Transit Tunnel.  It's kind of like a subway but for city buses.

I ended the afternoon at Pike Place Public Market.

And if you have ever wondered where the very first Starbucks is located, well it can be found across the street from the Public Market.

The Song Of The Day - On A Clear Day by PM Dawn


  1. pike place is so cool! i love how there is like everything there: clothes, food, stores, hats etc.


  2. wow, cool pictures, and yes a beautiful clear day. lucky you.
    and my guess was that the monorail stops at a gap. yea, i win.
    o and by the way redhead jen, i think you are cool and funny and smart. jon told me so, and i looked at your blog and you are both right.
    love, mom