Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thank You . . .

I did want to take a moment and acknowledge that this week marks the one year anniversary of Just Jon the blog.

Thank you to all the Loyal Readers who have continued to come back and read my ramblings. 

Thank you to the non-Loyal Readers from around the world who can't spell the word "Manicotti" and were inadvertently directed to my site.  In the five months since Just Jon began tracking visitors, 345 people have misspelled the word "Manicotti" in their search causing them to visit Just Jon.

On a side note, in those same five months Just Jon has been visited by people in 19 different countries/territories!

Thank you to everyone who has left comments, I appreciate the fact that you take the time to share your thoughts about what I have written.

Finally, a special shout out goes to the Loyal Readers who have made purchases from the Just Jon Store. (Don't tell anyone, but it was actually just one Loyal Reader who also happens to be my Mom.)


  1. Congrats on your one year anniversary. Hope there are many more to come! When we see a new picture on the page, we get very excited. One of us usually calls the other to let them know there's a new posting. Great job!

  2. Happy (belated) Anniversary. We are lucky to have Just Jon in Bellingham live and in person. The blog has been truly a pleasure to read and respond. Thanks for the many smiles.

  3. yes absolutely, thank you for the entertainment and enlightenment at times. sorry for my much delayed response, but i was in bellingham, too, and i am not a good mult-i-tasker. and i have a little problem typing and spelling, too. but that has not seemed to have stopped me yet from commenting. sorry.
    love, mom