Monday, May 18, 2009

Something Special . . .

Uncle Just Jon would like to welcome his nephew and special guest editor Just Sean to the blog today.  

Just Sean was given an assignment from his teacher to write twelve sentences or a story using all the spelling words for this week.

Just Sean wrote the following mostly true story. (The spelling words are italicized)

  1. It was tough for my Mom to work on my communion party.
  2. She had hurt her calf at boot camp.
  3. She used her phone to call the doctor.
  4. She won't go back to boot camp for a couple of days.
  5. Sean didn't laugh because it wasn't funny.
  6. I told Spunky, "don't jump like a monkey."
  7. He was being too rough around Mom.
  8. "Spunky, Mom has had enough."
  9. At my party I got a lot of money.
  10. I haven't decided what I want yet.
  11. I wouldn't tell Megan what I might spend it on.
  12. I ate half of the lamb cake.
The Song Of The Day - Something Special by JC Chasez


  1. cute picture!

  2. Well done, Just Sean! Fabulous use of spelling words!

    PS: I love spelling - keep up the good work!

  3. who is Spunky?


  4. hahaha...i do too know what he's spending the money on! but it did take me awhile. and spunky wasn't being rough at all...


    by the way, spunky is our little white dog that is very sweet

  5. ha ha ha, meg, gramma laughs back at you. you are still making me laugh.
    hey just sean when are you going to write another blog. you did good.
    love, gramma

  6. Your the best Jon. how are doing.