Sunday, May 3, 2009

Seventeen . . .

A "Party Foul" occurred at the laundry mat today.  

Often when I wheel my "granny" cart over to the laundry mat across the street from my apartment it is packed with people.  Today was that rare occasion when there was only three other people there.  

One gentleman was just leaving as I entered.  

I started my "triple loader" totally content that I would have time to walk down the street to the ATM and back without worrying about making sure I was there when the load was done to empty the machine.

I made my trip to the ATM and arrived back to move my clothing from the washing machine over to the dryer.  

A "triple load" usually requires about three to four dryers.

I like to use the larger dryers at the back of the laundry mat and there were four available.

I emptied the washing machine and wheeled my cart back to the dryers which was a total distance of one foot.   

I opened up two dryer doors to start sorting.  

As I began to sort, two foreign women swooped in and took the remaining two dryers. 


There were seventeen available dryers!  (see the above photo) Why did they have to come and take the ones I was trying to fill?  Then they kept giving me dirty looks because the dryer door on the unit I was filling kept swinging all the way open and blocked their dryer.

OK, not my fault.  I was filling the dryers first.  Was I supposed to stop what I was doing to hold the dryer door for them?  I don't think so.

Here is the best part, the next customer that came in also tried to use one of the back dryers. The above photo shows the empty laundry mat with every one crowded around the same machines.

The crazy part is the seventeen empty machines are actually newer and cleaner.  I just always have too much stuff to fit into them.

The Song Of The Day - Seventeen by Ladytron

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  1. THIS is why I hate laundromats... and why I desperately need my own washer/dryer... and why i think my husband should start a laundromat that serves beer - then I would much happier doing laundry. I may drunkenly mix up the darks and lights, but at least I'd enjoy myself.