Sunday, May 3, 2009

When I Dip You Dip We Dip . . .

Continuing the tradition of sharing fast food tips with the Loyal Readers, I wanted to pass this one along that relates specifically to condiments.

Most fast food restaurants now have self serve ketchup.  The little paper cups that are used to hold the ketchup are very small and make it hard for dipping.  

So it occurred to me that if you want a better dipping experience, try turning a plastic drink lid upside down and using it to hold your ketchup.

See how much better my drink lid worked in comparison to the little paper cup above.

I know you are all excited to try this the next time you are at McDonald's!  You can thank me later.

The Song Of The Day - Da Dip by Freak Nasty


  1. So wait... You're gonna grab a lid from the middle of the stack (of course), flip it over to fill it with ketchup, and then dip your fries in the lid? What about the hole in the middle of the lid? The ketchup could ooze out and touch the paper placemat that's on your tray. And who knows how many people have touched that paper placemat?

  2. Of course I am going to grab a lid from the middle of the stack. And I thought about the hole in the lid as a possible failure in my plan. But I am happy to report that there was minimal ooze. I think the benefit of happy dipping out weighs the risk associated with people having touched the paper placemat.

    And Erin, that is what I call personal growth. LOL

  3. that is such a good idea! what about just putting the ketchup on your burgers though?!