Sunday, May 24, 2009

Read Between The Lines . . .

I came across two signs in my neighborhood I wanted to share with you.   

The first is for a restaurant called Laiola.  I am not sure this is the best approach at enticing customers to come into the establishment.  In these economically troubled times where consumers are choosing where each one of their hard earned dollars are spent I would think they would want to put the best foot forward.  But the humor in the sign did make me laugh.
Also, I like that they incorrectly spelled the word "excellent."  Hopefully the food is better than their spelling and service.

The next sign was outside the local Jamba Juice and I just liked the play on the spelling of the word "Chews."


  1. Will we be checking out Laiola's 'great drinks' on our next trip up, assuming that they are still in business?


  2. it has been far too long since your last blog. that either means is's been a slow couple of weeks or the complete opposite - you have been having so much fun you haven't even had a moment to put it all in writing....