Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wear Your Love . . .

  • Suggested donation to get into your co-workers charity fundraiser "Boozin' For Boobs" in support of the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk - $10.00
  • Cab ride to go less than two miles to get to the bar where the event was held - $7.00
  • Specialty Hooter Shooter shots - $3.00
  • Two rounds of pool paid for by someone else - Free
  • Having people come up and ask about your skinny floral tie that was "stitched with love" by your Aunt Ronda out of left over fabric from a dress - Priceless
For more information about the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk go to - Breast Friends 4-Ever


  1. sounds cute and interesting, for a good cause.
    and aunt ronda gets a shout out too.
    love mom

  2. thats a really good cause!-odd name, but ya!! nice tie!