Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blue Jeans . . .

A pretty good deal that also helps an innovative cause.

Also take note, the video was shot in and around my neighborhood!

The Song Of The Day - Blue Jeans by Ladytron


  1. My favorite gap boot cut jeans in which I have lived for years just frayed out at the back pocket. I do not want to have my jeans rip like in the commercial but I do not have the heart to trade them in...They have been the perfect fit, the perfect jean...wait, 30% off? Okay!

  2. Before hitting Banana Republic I went to Gap with 2 old pairs of jeans. One pair was my beloved old Gap pair and the other was an old Levi pair. When the girl told me that I only had to turn in ONE pair and get the discount for how ever many pair I wanted I was thrilled. I brought my old Gap jeans back home with a new dark pair and a new light pair. Silly me. I read on FAcebook you get 40% off if you just mention a certain code. The gals wanted me to produce a coupon and I said "no the ad just said mention Jean 40 or something like that at the register." Well they decided to let me have the discount "Just this time" They asked if I could show them the FAcebook post on my PHONE!! Did they not realize to whom they were speaking???I use my cell phone maybe once or twice a internet on my phone..shoot I do not even know how to text...I will read the instructions some day..haha.