Saturday, October 2, 2010

Connect . . .

Music is a very important part of this blog.  

Each post features a song that is usually available on iTunes.

iTunes recently added the Ping application which allows users to follow artists, celebrities, and other music lovers.  The application appears to still be evolving. 

If you like music too, I have added a link to my Ping profile on the bottom left side bar of this page.  From my Ping profile you can choose to follow me which will allow you to see the songs I like and purchase.

I am not sure why iTunes/Ping isolated my music taste to Electronic, Hip Hop/Rap, and Pop because I like more than just those three genres.

My iTunes library is pretty extensive as I have 5,811 songs and counting.

For "The Song Of The Day" I have selected the most played song from my iTunes library -


  1. You have me beat by 1,200. I only have 4,617 songs on my iTunes....

  2. Wow, and I thought my 409 songs was a big collection! Wanna share some tunes with me ;)

  3. Celebrity twins separated at birth - Jon Casey/Billy Corrigan (Smashing Pumpkins). Though I must say I have never seen them in the same room....