Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just Get Me Off This Boat . . .

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
a tale of a fateful trip
that started from Port Allen
aboard Blue Dolphin’s ship.

Taylor was a mighty sailing man,
Captain Chris was brave and sure. 
About 49 passengers set sail that day
for a six hour tour, a six hour tour.

They promised we’d see dolphins
and sea turtles too
along the Na Pali coastline
Said the greatest crew.

We snorkeled by the cliff side
We ate and drank great food
And on the way back to the Port
The ocean had some tude, the ocean had some tude.

I started to get seasick
As the catamaran was tossed
The waves had me completely soaked
And my breakfast was about to be lost

My mantra was just get me home
I did not want to hurl
God just get me off this boat
And back on solid soil

We finally made it to the port
Barely able to stand
All the smiling passengers who set sail that day
Could not be happier to be back on land!  Could not be happier to be back on land!

Fresh and Salt Water Mix 

First Dolphin Sighting!

A video of the dolphins swimming with the boat!

Can You See King Kong's Face?

We survived!


  1. holy gilligan! you should write more songs. the dolphin video was cool...but at the end i heard someone say 'the size of footballs' are they talking about the actual dolphins?

    1. I think they were talking about the size of a dolphin when it is born.