Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just Kona Hawaii Revisited . . .

Sometimes I get too busy to blog everything I want to share.   Often, with vacations, I get back home and become consumed in work and never finish the story of my time away.  This past month was compounded by a second brief trip to Southern California after Hawaii for my high school reunion.  Needless to say July has been go go go and then go some more!

That being said I did want to share with the Loyal Readers some pictures from my final day in Hawaii. On this particular day my parents and I drove to view Captain Cook's monument from across the Kealakekua Bay.

You will have to trust me that the thin little white line in the top of this picture is Captain Cook's monument.

After spending a little time taking pictures we then drove a short distance to St. Benedict's Catholic Church which is also known as "The Painted Church."  If you are keeping track, yes, we spent a lot of time looking at churches or at church while on this trip.

According to The Big Island Revealed by Andrew Doughty, "between 1899 and 1904 Father John Velge dedicated himself to painting frescos on the inside walls and ceiling."

Finally, you can't spend time on Kona without visiting a Kona Coffee plantation.  After leaving the Painted Church we made it just in time to go on Greenwell Farms last free tour of the day.

Only Two Bean Were Ready For Picking That Day

Other Beans Were Laying Out To Dry

After the tour we got to sample all the coffee we wanted.   Of course I liked the Chocolate Mac-Nut Flavored the best.


  1. dear just jon, i know it is so way way past your loyal readers reading you, but i wanted them to know that the red coffee bean after giving up its seed, the juice makes a delicious drink that is now being sold in some costco and whole foods locations. it is about 4 or 5 times the anti-oxidents as blue berries. i know many of your readers are health conscience.

  2. sorry, that was not a very well written comment and i forgot to mention the product is called, kona red. look for it, try it, it is delicious and healthy.
    love, just mom