Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just The San Francisco Food Bank . . .

Saturday morning I volunteered at the San Francisco Food Bank.

I have been wanting to do some volunteer work for a while and after driving past the food bank recently I thought I would look into volunteering there.  Being a first time volunteer for this organization I found their on-line sign up system easy to navigate.   I also found the email communication post sign up clear and concise.

I arrived at the food bank and signed in on one of their three laptop sign-in stations and then proceeded to the break room where I waited with about 70 other volunteers for further direction.

A few minutes later we were given a brief orientation about safety in the facility and told what two projects we may be working on.

I was one of about 40 people assigned to sort nectarines.  We were to examine the nectarines for rotting or damaged fruit and separate the good fruit into smaller boxes that charitable organizations would then be able to pick up later.

The "bad" fruit will be donated to a pig farm to be used as slop.

In my three hour shift the "Nectarine Team" processed about 9,000 lbs of fruit!

As soon as the Nectarines were processed the Food Bank began moving carrots into position for the next set of volunteers to sort.

My morning at the San Francisco Food Bank was very rewarding and I look forward to volunteering again in the future.


  1. Do they make individual distributions or does all go to various locations for distribution?
    Time well spent!!


    1. I don't know what the next step for the food was. I didn't ask that question. Maybe next time I will find out.