Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rows Of Cars . . .

Normally I am not a fan of government cut backs.  However, when I recently received an "Important Notice" postcard I was a little excited.

"The Department of Public Works is changing the frequency of mechanical sweeping in your neighborhood.  The current weekly schedule on some residential streets provides more mechanical sweeping than necessary."

Because I park my car on the street I always have to remember what block I am parked on and for that block what day of the week is street cleaning.   Then on street cleaning days I try to get up extra early to make sure I move the car.   

Knock on wood, I have only forgotten to move the car once.

I think with this new twice a month schedule I won't have to use as much brain power trying to remember where I parked.

Thanks government cut backs!

On a side note, I did find it interesting that even though they cut back the numbers of cleanings per month, they raised the price of the yearly parking permit.

The Song Of The Day - Speeding Cars by Imogen Heap

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