Sunday, September 14, 2008

Winner Of The Game . . .

This past Wednesday I won tickets at work to go to a Giants game.  I had the option of picking any game in September.  So I picked an afternoon game.  The prize included four tickets in the club level behind the first base line and a parking pass.  

Since our office is only about a ten minute walk from the ballpark we didn't use the parking pass.  It was nice to take an afternoon off to enjoy a game.

The surprising part is that the Giants actually won!  Even they looked surprised when in the bottom of the ninth with two strikes the batter was able two drive the ball just out of reach of the Diamond Backs for the win.  They came out on the field jumping up and down holding each other like it was the World Series.  Go Giants.

As you can see from the above picture our team is so good we totally filled...half the stadium.


  1. On behalf of the Dodgers, I thank you for rooting the Giants on to beat ARZ and giving the Dodgers another full game ahead of them.


  2. With Cal, Stanford and the woeful Niners all losing - the fans were elated that the evil battery chucks from no-cal won. Sorry, I am old fashioned and still believe in the rivalry. I love my brother but hate the Giants. The Dodgers should have wrapped up the division in May...But Kent wasn't hot yet.
    Nice seats. I am glad you are enjoying going to the ballgame. I hope you had a Dodger Dog, ugh, sorry, Giant Dog!