Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sorry . . .

OK, so I take full responsibility for this one!

Today was Sunday brunch with friends. I had seen and heard about a restaurant in Fort Mason called Greens that sounded good and looked like it would have a cool atmosphere.  So when Shagun asked me if I wanted to do brunch I pushed for us to go to Greens.  My argument was that we go to her side of the City more often so I thought we should do something on my side.  I then said we should try Greens.

Shagun went to the web site and it said that they don't publish the menu because they create the menu special for each day.  See, I knew this place was cool.  So Shagun made the reservations for herself, Olivier and I.

That night when I got home I checked out Greens website myself and quickly discovered that it was a vegetarian restaurant.  Hmmm..."I am gonna be in big trouble for this one" was my first thought.  My second thought was, "I don't know that I am going to like vegetarian food."  This could be really bad.

Greens was established in 1979 and was a pioneer in raising the bar for vegetarian cuisine in the United States. (That's what their website says.)  So the place has some credibility right?  We shall see.

As I said earlier, Greens is located on the historic grounds of Fort Mason in a converted warehouse.  Fort Mason is one block from my apartment so Shagun and Olivier were going to meet at my place and we would then walk to the restaurant.  This should take about 15 minutes.

So one thing I didn't count on was Fort Mason was holding the annual Blues Festival this weekend.  Please see the photo above.  What is great about concerts being held at Fort Mason is that I can just open the windows of my apartment and hear the whole show.  What's bad about concerts being held at Fort Mason is that if you are planning on walking with two friends to a restaurant called Greens in a converted warehouse, well lets just say that it's not possible because they put a fence around the entire grounds of Fort Mason to make sure that people pay to get into the concert.

No problem I thought.  We can just walk along the perimeter of the fence to get to where we are going.  


Problem #1  The grass was wet and Shagun was wearing sandals and was not happy.
Problem #2  The Marina is a lot colder than the Mission where Shagun lives and she did not have a jacket.
Problem #3  After getting our feet wet in the grass we then had to walk through sand and dirt which stuck to our wet feet.
Solution #1  Olivier will gallantly offer to carry Shagun on his back till we reach concrete.
Selfish Person #1 Me (I ain't offering my jacket or to carry anyone on my back.)
Problem #4  Olivier's feet are now the dirtiest and he has to go to work after brunch.
Problem #5  Did I happen to mention that it's a vegetarian restaurant?

So we finally reach Greens and Shagun immediately goes to the restroom to wash her feet.  Olivier is not happy about his dirty feet either. 

But hey, at least we have a beautiful view of the Marina with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background!

The food turned out the be really good.  I had the buttermilk pancakes with fresh fruit.  Even though the food was good I don't think that was going to redeem me for what I put Shagun and Olivier through to get to the restaurant.

Here's Olivier cleaning off his feet before heading off to work.  Good times!

The Song Of The Day - Sorry by Madonna


  1. I know I told you this last night but I must say it for all your loyal readers..."no bacon, no sausage, NO brunch. A shout out for the Chestnut Cafe".


  2. well, the name greens, could have been your first clue (vegetarian). but oh well, i thought the blog was funny and its sounds like the food ended up tasty. it looks like oliver might have been half smiling while cleaning his shoes, or not. anyways i'm with the selfish person. next time olivers pick.
    love me

  3. at least the food was good....