Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vote for ________ . . .

From the beginning our Company has always mixed music and fashion.  And now with the upcoming election we are getting involved in the promotion of voting.

We teamed up with Matt White whom Rolling Stone magazine touted as one of the "10 Artists To Watch" to encourage people to express what they are passionate about.

So Matt is traveling the country in the "Vote for Love" bus helping to get the word out.

On Friday Matt and the bus rolled into San Francisco for an exclusive performance at our office.

And the number one way to get us workers to show up at these events, offer free beer!

Matt performed about four songs including one that he wrote specifically for the campaign.  While he performed we drank beer, ate chips and pretzels and filled out bumper stickers with messages of what we want to vote for.

This event was rather tame in comparison to when rapper Swizz Beatz came to perform on St. Patrick's day.  There is a You Tube video of that performance and let's just say that it was hard to believe it was a corporate sponsored event.

So whatever your passion is be sure to vote!

The Song Of The Day - Love by Matt White

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  1. When did you start working for Budweiser? Free beer in the workplace. What a company!!