Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beg . . .

Like most cities in America, San Francisco has a homeless problem.  As you wander the sidewalks of the Financial District you will be confronted with individuals sleeping, panhandling or just talking to imaginary friends.

But only in San Francisco are the homeless pets smart enough to panhandle!

The cat pictured above staked out prime panhandling real estate outside the Macy's flagship store on Union Square.  Truly brilliant because this is where all the tourists are.  

The cat looked like it was bringing in pretty good money in relation to its human competition.  

Go felines!

Hey Megan, how much money do you think Spunky and Maisy could make?

I bet Rover would make a lot of money!

The Song Of The Day - Beg by All Saints


  1. i have to say that they would not make very much money. maisy would just wander off in search of somthing to play wit hor would just eat the money. and spunky would look for a sonny place to sit or even someone to pet him or snuggle with.

  2. Rover would probably walk away too. Or just pace back and forth.

  3. hey meg and uncle jon, sounds like you've got funny great pets. i think maisy should meet rover.
    love gramma and mom